Webinar: Understanding Tunable White Light

IES Section Webinar

It is well known that overlaying the projection of one colorof light with the projection of a different color of light will result in thecreation of a third color on the reflected surface. And the use of computernetworks to control lighting is nothing new, either. What is new is thecontinued reduction in cost of LED-based luminaires and the development ofbetter, more affordable, user interfaces and controls, making a number ofdifferent approaches to white color tuning possible.

Attendees will:

  • Understand color space, the “black body curve” andthe tuning of “white” light
  • Understand the design parameters of color-tuning systemsfor different applications
  • Learn about current research into vision science andphysiological response to light
  • Learn the metrics used to specify a white color tuningsystem

Presenter Background:

Chadwick is an Area Vice President and joined Finelite in February of 2015. As the lighting industry experiences its biggest change in over 20 years, Chadwick’s key responsibility is to drive the Finelite brand and build highly collaborative relationships with Finelite agents and their specification customers.

Prior to joining Finelite, Chadwick spent 18 years specializing in the lighting controls segment of our industry. During this time, he became an expert in Energy Efficiency and Manager for Leviton’s Lighting Controls division and prior to that was a Sales Representative for Lutron Electronics.

Chadwick holds a B.S. Degree in Marketing and Management from Virginia Tech.